Micro Strand


Micro Strand Hair Extensions

Micro Strand Hair Volumizer Extensions thicken thin, fine hair caused by medical hair loss related to chemotherapy and radiation. The attachment is totally invisible, can be attached to the top of the head and hairline to create luxurious volume and style. It is none damaging to your existing hair and lasts 3 months with no service. This is a very special product that requires highly skilled technicians, this product must be seen if you have thin hair please come in for a consultation.

One of the most important “hair problems” for many women is thin, fine hair and lack of volume. This problem can already appear in younger years depending on natural disposition. It worsens with increasing age, as the hair becomes thinner and the number of individual hairs generally decreases. An outstanding method providing help here is hair thickening.

Ideal for thin and fine hair: Hair thickening with 100% human hair extensions is the ideal way to provide fine, thin hair with more body and volume. Hair thickening can make up for a lack of volume in both the lengths and ends. The original hair length remains unchanged; your natural hair is simply complemented with human hair strands if the same length. The additional body looks completely natural and can hardly be distinguished from your own hair.

Chuck Alfieri Micro Strand Volumizer Hair Extensions will create a new look for you. Thin hair is no longer necessary. We have over 5000 colors, 40 textures, and 10 different lengths to choose from.

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